:: An Elevate Project by INDIGOISM featuring work by Jean Reiki and Warrior9

[VIEW VIDEO ON MOBILE: Please first place your phone in a pair of VR goggles, then plug in and put on your earphones before playing the video]

The first of its kind, INDIGOISM introduces brain entrainment to the public through this digital showcase piece combining binaural beats produced by Jean Reiki (Mind of the Cosmos) and virtual reality by Warrior9 through the immersive digital experience that is DRONE.

DRONE is a short sampling meant as an introduction to brain entrainment, a technique that stimulates the brain into specific states such as enhanced concentration, relaxation, meditation or sleep induction using a pulsing sound, light or electromagnetic field. This project utilizes binaural beats through audio stimulation to evoke the brain’s ‘frequency following’ response encouraging brain waves to align to the frequency of the pulse, thus inducing the aforementioned altered states.

The DRONE project contains traces of binaural beats in this 2-minute track. By then, the accompanying audio and visual elements would have occupied the senses fully, helping the individual relax with an end goal of escaping reality for just a little while.

Adding another artistic element to the project, the DRONE audio-visual booth was conceptualized by visual artists Soph O and Sam Lo (INDIGOISM). Taking cues from Archifest’s zero-waste theme, the booth features daybeds made from cardboard and other found packing materials from the artists’ studios. The result is a massive art jam featuring aural, digital and physical 3D artwork.


The DRONE Travels debuted at Archifest 2016 @ Raffles Place from 24th– 30th September 2016.


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The brainwave entrainment function only takes effect after an individual is continually exposed to binaural beats for at least 15 minutes. ­The DRONE project runs for a maximum of 2 minutes, therefore has little to no effect on the individual. This project is meant as a sampling, an introduction to binaural beats and brain entrainment. If you would like to further explore brain entrainment and what it can do for you, do visit our archive of binaural beats by Mind of the Cosmos at



About the Artists:

Race Krehel

Race Krehel has been living and working in Singapore for 8 years in a wide spectrum of visual arts.  From creating content and executing world class events for global brands, making music videos for local acts, outfitting the biggest clubs in the region with cutting edge projection mapping and visuals or creating interactive installations, Race has been heavily involved in the SE Asian creative scene on all levels.  Currently he is working at Warrior9 where he is using the latest technology to bring stories to life through the medium of Virtual Reality.


Passionate about film and its power to transform us, Warrior9 was created by a scriptwriter, a producer and a filmmaker because of a shared belief that “changing the world frame by frame” is not only possible, it is imperative.


Jean Reiki/ Mind of the Cosmos 

Born and raised in Singapore, DJ and producer Jean Reiki was a vinyl-collector who stumbled upon Hard Hops and Nu-Skool Breaks at the tail-end of the 90s. Her style of DJing gradually developed, resulting in a wide gamut of musical genres in her sets and cemented her a place at London’s Point Blank’s Top Female DJs and Ones To Watch for 2012. To date, Reiki has a quarterly mixshow residency on Lush 99.5 FM radio. She is also 1/3 of DatDatDat, running ad hoc nights welcoming an array of guests to crank up a heady mix of party vibes.

Music curation aside, her compositions and remixes gained notable attention with her work featured in far corners of the world, from Nick Luscombe’s Late Junction playlist on BBC Radio 3, Shiso Room on FutureMusicFM, Copenhagen’s The Lake radio, Berlin’s Not Your Girlfriend show on BLM.FM, Hyper Juice show on Japan’s Block FM, Stateside’s Gizmodo Home of The Future and San Jose Museum of Art, producers showcase on Malaysia’s Midnight Oil to local film trailer, ‘Trash Heaven’. Other work has garnered her the 3rd spot at the Creative Destruction Contest organised by the Peranakan Museum Singapore and nominations for the ‘Best Genre Bender’ category at the Asia music awards, VIMA.

Always exploring new terrain, she has collaborated with ethnic instrumentalists, SA to herald improvisation over one another’s material in Sonic Sessions Vol.1, a live performance streaming to an online audience via Stageit platform. 2016 also sees her releasing binaural beats + 3D nature and ambient music hybrid for the Elevate label by Indigoism and a Soundart EP entitled ‘Whimsy’.