Mind of the Cosmos: +Rustling (5Hz)

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Leaves Rustling + Binaural Beats (30 mins)

Aimed at targeting Theta brain waves for deep meditation.

Produced by Mind of the Cosmos

Best enjoyed:

** Do not operate machinery or vehicles while listening to this mix **

  1. Find a comfortable spot in your home (your safe space)
  2. Ensure that you are away from all audio/ visual distractions- make sure the lights are off and it is absolutely silent
  3. Switch your phone to airplane mode
  4. Assume a comfortable position- sitting up or lying down, as long as you are most relaxed
  5. Plug in and put on your earphones/ headphones- speakers are not recommended for this experience
  6. Press play
  7. Close your eyes (preferably with an eye mask)
  8. Let go

Other suggestions:

– If it helps, experiment with scent- lavender and chamomile are both relaxing aids to help slip into a relaxed state
– A hot shower beforehand might help relax and prepare your body


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How did you find the experience?

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