The Barter Workshop is an alternative learning environment based on barter.

An evolved version of our Barter Market series, the Barter Workshop encourages the learning of new skills and building better understanding on the processes of art-making and creating. In doing so we create meaningful shared experiences between our creatives and the public in an attempt to bridge artists and the audience.

  • Continuing and readapting the Barter Market model, facilitators/ vendors form more personal, deeper interactions with workshop goers. Through shared experiences and co-creation, this model promises to bridge the gap between art and the audience
  • Stresses importance of interpersonal relationships/ connections
  • Recognizing personal skill sets through engagement of EQ, IQ and AQ (common human denominators) to facilitate choices and actions
  • A step in the sustainable direction, the workshop replaces buying new items with learning to encourage creativity among the masses.
  • The recognition of the human bonding experience through personal skills shows the possibility of an organic, progressive society.
  • Skilled craftsmen, artists and creatives come together as facilitators to create an alternative learning space based on barter
  • The community is encouraged to bring an item to barter in exchange for each skill taught by our facilitators
  •  Workshop goers and facilitators learn alongside each other during the creation process
  • Workshop goers are free to jump around our multiple facilitators in our Barter Workshops, picking up multiple skills along the way

Refer to our Facebook event page for the List of Vendors and the particular list of goods they are looking for in exchange. Should attendees not possess the item required by the vendor, they can try using their negotiating skills to barter for the workshop.

If you would like to be a part of the upcoming Barter Market as a vendor, photographer, videographer or a volunteer, get in touch with us at

We strive to create a money-less scenario at every market, so that means:
no rental fee for vendors + barter everything + no fuss = just good vibes x

Perfect as an addition to your event, we take pride that our Barter Workshops engage the community in a joint learning experience.

We also do workshops including non-art related practical skills that we feel could come in handy in every day life. To customise your Barter Workshop experience, write to us.


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